General warranty conditions for automatic power factor correction systems: 

A) All equipment produced by Trendfin S.r.l with the TECNOLOGIC trademark is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase, as evidenced by the Purchase Invoice;

B) The warranty is meant to be at the Trendfin headquarters in Limena (PD), Viale della Repubblica, 8;

C) The warranty covers only the supply of replacement spare parts or repairs, at our premises in Limena (PD), of the parts recognized as defective due to factory defects, with transport costs only, which are always charged to the Customer;

D) The parts subject to wear are excluded from the warranty;

E) The warranty is void if the defect is due to:

1) Equipment not suitable for the place on which it was installed;
2) Incorrect installation, operating conditions in non-permitted environments or use that does not correspond to the requirements set out in the instruction manual;
3) Tampering, repairs, modifications carried out without prior written consent of Trendfin S.r.l.;
4) Bumps or damage caused by transport, which must be immediately reported to the Courier;
5) Circumstances external to the equipment such as: electrical, atmospheric or meteorological phenomena that cannot be traced back to manufacturing defects.

F) Trendfin S.r.l. is not liable for any requests for compensation for penalties caused by failure to power factor correction, even during the warranty period, as the User is required to regularly monitor the system and to provide information accordingly;

G) All the Equipment presented in this Catalogue may cause serious damage in the event of a fault: Trendfin S.r.l. declines any direct or indirect responsibility in relation to any damage of any kind or nature, caused in the circumstances listed in paragraph E, in points 1-2-3-4-5;

H) The installation and maintenance of the equipment must be carried out only by specialized technicians, strictly complying with the technical instructions attached;

l) If on-site assistance is requested by our Technical Personnel, the User is required to pay the amounts due for the intervention, according to the rates in force that will be communicated to him before the intervention itself;

L) For any difficulty relating to the installation or operation of the Equipment or to request a duplicate of the Manual, the installer must contact the Trendfin S.r.l.

For more information and/or details, please contact Trendfin S.r.l. by visiting the Contacts page.

To take advantage of the free 6-month warranty extension, it is necessary to fill in the relevant Form.